Mozambique National Women's Day

Founder Sarah Bove, Head Tailor Ntasha, and Isabelle at a fair in Pemba for Mozambique's National Women's Day.

Today, the IKURU team participated in  a fair at AVANI Pemba Beach Hotel, surrounded by other (mainly women) artisans. But this isn’t just another fair. Today, April 7th, is a big day for Mozambican Women. It’s Mozambique’s National Women’s Day, and it’s a very special day for women and gender equality throughout the country.

This day celebrates and empowers women. It encourages equal rights on all fronts. Mozambique National Women’s Day began after the death of iconic Mozambique woman, Josina Machel in 1971. Machel embodied the forward movement of women in Mozambique. She fought to emancipate African women, and succeeded in her journey.

Today, IKURU continues to work for the same rights and freedoms that Josina Machel fought for. Through our vibrant apparel, IKURU truly empowers women through color and fashion by training women from vulnerable sectors to sew. Our hope at IKURU is to give women economic opportunities and independence so that they can help themselves and their families. We support and encourage our team of women on all levels by providing fair wages, access to healthcare, subsidized childcare, professional development and a safe work environment. As IKURU grows, we hope to give the same opportunities to many more women while bringing beautiful ready to wear fashion to our customers. Happy National Women’s Day to all women of Mozambique!