I was recruited by IKURU last August because of my skills as a master tailor. I was put in charge of pattern making, grading and cutting to ensure excellent quality standards. I came to Mozambique five years ago from Tanzania where I lived my whole life. But I returned to Mozambique as that is where my family is originally from – they had to flee to Tanzania in the 70s because of the civil war here.  I learned how to sew with two of my brothers and I also took a sewing course in Tanzania.

I like working in IKURU because here I have a good salary and it’s guaranteed. It’s not like when I used to work in the market, where my income wasn’t always guaranteed. I am saving this money to buy some land to build a house on and buy a car one day.  

I have learned and adopted many new techniques and styles here, the pieces from the Designer’s Collection were particularly new and interesting for me. And I have also learned to work in and lead a team. This means, learning how to live and communicate well with other people, the importance of patience and listening to and sharing ideas. I will never choose to work alone again! If one day I open my own sewing workshop, I will employ assistants so we are sure to work well, grow together and deliver orders on time!