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Isabel is the workshop supervisor and the strength of the team. Mother of four, she exudes a warm, quiet, reliable strength and determination, and as a result, was made workshop supervisor. Her sweet smile would warm anyone’s heart, and her determination for a better life for her and her children will take her very far. She was forcibly separated from her four children when she was kicked out of her home by her husband in a neighbouring province. Shortly after she arrived in town, she heard about IKURU and “grabbed this opportunity with both hands and has not looked back since”. She works every day to save up and visit her children, send them goods, and bring her 6-year-old daughter back to Pemba.

She said she was not expecting to be given an opportunity like this, but now she feels that she has a place that “I can trust and that can help my life as well as those of my children”. She also likes her new job because “I like learning and working close to all my colleagues. Now I have a new family in Pemba”. Neighbours and relatives give her strength and encouragement to keep working and not give up so her life can improve. She said that many in the same position she had found herself in admitted they would like the chance she has been given.