Muaija is a young single mother of a little boy and is currently finishing high school. She likes studying design, physics and math, and her sisters help to care for her baby. With prior experience as a sewing apprentice, she was chosen to be part of the team so she could lend a hand to the trainees and master tailor, which she is doing patiently! Now she has been promoted to senior seamstress.

She said she has learned many new things at IKURU; for example “I had never sewn a computer case before or made a dress with pockets – in my previous apprenticeship, I was not given many challenging sewing items to make”. She has also met new friends, and is no longer sitting idly at home. Everyone around her tells her to continue to work and study, as she is now earning money for her and her son. When she earns enough, she would like to study IT.