Ntasha is a talented 49-year old tailor, who learned his craft on Ibo Island -- a magical, remote, historical island north of Pemba. He has been making beautiful clothes for Pemba locals and expats alike for years now. But he said that “working with the women and others makes me happy because I am sharing and teaching my know-how and art, and through this the women have improved their income generating opportunities. They have a place now where they can solve their problems on their own. I am happy to be helping with this”. Additionally, his job as a trainer provides him with steadier income.

He said the women are learning really fast and well at IKURU, with a lot of “strength” (which is precisely what IKURU means in Macua, the local language). “We do not rest here, we are learning and working a lot!  But it is good. I am seeing a lot of very fast progress from these women. I would like to keep teaching them”.