Rita is chatty and spritely. She fills the workshop with gossip and laughs, and she is always ready to take on extra tasks. Her three oldest children are in school, the two youngest stay at home with her mother.

She likes her new job because she is learning skills that are earning her income and allowing her to become financially independent in a safe way. She said, “Who would have thought I was able to make a dress? A purse?! People around me are seeing me in a different light, a new life. Before people looked at me as if I was rubbish, but it was just because I did not have a place where I fit in, somewhere I could do something right. Now people even ask me whether I have gotten married, because I have cleaned up, I no longer drink, I have a job. They tell me to hold on to this opportunity with both hands”. 
She added: “my family is very happy I have this job, as now I help my mother wash and iron clothes and take care of household duties that I used to neglect. Now I can save my money in a bank account and use it to buy clothes for my five children, pay school registration fees, their transport and books”.