Hello & Welcome! I’m Sarah, IKURU's founder. IKURU's story started way back when I was 22. I had just finished my last semester of International Development studies in Kenya and decided to backpack through Mozambique. Immediately, I knew that I would make this place my home. Years later, I returned to work for a non-profit in gender and economic opportunities for women. And then... I got this idea, to give women with very poor access to education and formal job opportunities a chance to learn a new skill and improve their lives and the lives of their families. So I did what what seemed both obvious and completely crazy : I started IKURU, a Mozambican ethical fashion label. Though it sounded like a very challenging feat at the time, it made sense on many levels:

- It is clear that the success to sustained economic and social development lies in empowering women both financially and with strengthened professional and social skills.

- The beautiful African fabrics we use are intrinsic to women’s everyday life on the continent. I am passionate about connecting these gorgeous fabrics and our team of artisans with customers across the world through our carefully handmade clothes.

- After having spent almost seven years here, it only seemed fair to give back to the community that has welcomed me, one that is at once incredibly beautiful and interesting, and socially and economically profoundly inequitable - especially with regards to women's rights.

Our vision is for IKURU to become a successful, creative and sustainable social business, where profits will be used to employ, train and empower more women - who in turn will be better equipped to enrich the lives of their children and communities; invest in local community development initiatives; and reach a global community of happy and responsible IKURU customers.

I am forever grateful to everyone who has enabled us to come this far.

Please help us empower more Mozambican women through beautiful fashion designed in Africa, join IKURU!