What is the training programme collection?

The women who work at IKURU learned how to sew from scratch when they joined the team. This was quite a task for the whole team, as none of the women had ever touched a sewing machine or held a formal job before. At the time, IKURU used the (gorgeous) old style manual Singer machines and we did not have a serger yet. This means that the clothes made during their training period are not as perfect as our current quality standards (there are may be some variations in sizes, some imperfections in the sewing and may not be serged). However, every piece was made from the heart and attests to the immense learning curve we all went through at IKURU. This is why we have decided to honour this collection, as it reflects the learning we continue to experience every day in our work. Items from these collections make great gifts to anyone who is looking for a unique dress with a story. And lastly, to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we are selling all the items from the training programme collection at a discounted price.

* All the training programme dresses are unique and cannot be repeated.

* The sizes in this collection run about half a size smaller than our current sizing chart. Please bear this in mind when you are selecting your size.

* For any questions on the products or sizing of this collection, please contact: sarah@ikuruproject.